Unique software lets us do unique things.

  • Embed your forum anywhere
  • Experience speeds never before possible
  • 99% of automated spam is prevented
  • Join multiple forums with only one account

What is sparkBB free forum hosting?

sparkBB is a proprietary free forum hosting service utilizing Adobe Flex technology. As the only free forum hosting service with an Adobe Flex core, we are able to offer service above the capabilities of any PHP-based system. Learn why sparkBB is right for your free forum - read more.

Currently, our system is accessible by invitation only. We welcome you to request an invitation and get your own free forum hosting, click here to apply.

Embeddable anywhere.

Integrating PHP-based forums like phpBB, or vBulletin into a webpage means recreating your website's design around your new forum, or messy workarounds like iframes that can interfere with the functionality of your forum. sparkBB is a fully embeddable free forum hosting system utilizing Adobe Flex technology, enabling you to embed your forum into any page that accepts HTML. Simply copy and paste the code provided to any webpage and your integration is complete.

Cross-forum interaction

User accounts are global across the entire sparkBB network. Easily switch between your favorite forums without needing to open more windows or remember more logins. Be a member on one forum and an admin on another, all from the same account. Manage all your subscriptions, friends, and profiles from one easy to use interface.

About sparkBB.

sparkBB is a proprietary, remotely hosted, free forum hosting solution targeted to those in need of dependable reliability of service and performance.