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  • Embed your forum anywhere
  • Experience speeds never before possible
  • 99% of automated spam is prevented
  • Join multiple forums with only one account

Plans & Pricing

Minimum Contract LengthN/A1 month
Setup Cost$0$0
Ticket Response Time1 day1-2 hours
Managed DB Storage*virtually unlimited*virtually unlimited*
Managed File Storage**100 MB1,000 MB
Data Transfervirtually unlimited*virtually unlimited*
Ad-freeNot IncludedIncluded
Forum Licenses1unlimited
Domain Licenses1unlimited
Virtually Unlimited CapacityIncludedIncluded
30 Day Money Back GuaranteeN/AIncluded
File ManagerIncludedIncluded
Managed BackupIncludedIncluded
Failover SupportIncludedIncluded
Database RedundancyIncludedIncluded
Load BalancingIncludedIncluded
Setup AssistanceIncludedIncluded
Automatic UpdatesIncludedIncluded
Get startedRequest an inviteRequest an invite
* Additional servers are added as needed for increased storage capacity.
** Rates are not yet set for additional managed file storage blocks.


Setup Assistance

Includes unlimited email or live chat assistance from one of our setup and integration experts. Two hours of setup assistance via telephone is available for purchases of one year or more on "Business" and "Corporate" plans.

Ticket Response Time

Average response time for support tickets sent during normal business hours (8am-8pm PST Monday-Friday).


Learn how sparkBB will benefit your community. Contact us to schedule a conference call, live demonstration, or to ask about custom solutions.

Why sparkBB?

With all of the free forum hosting services on the web today, why should you choose sparkBB? We specifically built our system to handle the stress of thousands of forums growing at once. Traditional PHP-based forums consume far more resources and aren't built for the mass forum hosting environment. Read more about why sparkBB is the right choice for your free forum here.

Our "99.9% Uptime 50x" Guarantee.

Every second your forum is down you're losing productivity, revenue, and the confidence of your members. Period. Our pledge a credit for fifty times (50x) any downtime experienced over our 99.9% uptime pledge on all premium services. For example: a failure lasting 10 hours would result in a credit of 500 hours of free premium service; a failure lasting a full day would result in a 1,200 hour, or 50 day, credit.

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