Unique software lets us do unique things.

  • Embed your forum anywhere
  • Experience speeds never before possible
  • 99% of automated spam is prevented
  • Join multiple forums with only one account

Why sparkBB?

sparkBB has unfair advantages over other free forum hosting companies. sparkBB doesn't use common systems like phpBB, etc., as these systems are designed to run a single forum, not thousands at once. Though it can technically be done, those that try often face an onslaught of performance issues that leave your forum in reliability limbo.

sparkBB is a proprietary system that is specifically designed to simultaneously run thousands of forums quickly and efficiently. Additionally, because we developed every aspect of our service, we know exactly how to keep it running and performing as its best.

Remotely Hosted

Locally hosted forum solutions often impose many hidden costs and unexpected issues. These include bandwidth limitations, complicated server and software implementation, scalability issues, increased overhead, maintenance costs, and limited redundancy.

sparkBB's free and premium forum hosting incorporate everything you need, including technical support, online training, ongoing seamless upgrades and the highest level of security. You won't be surprised by additional costs that can quickly add up to many times more than the original cost of a locally hosted solution.

Embeddable anywhere.

Integrating PHP-based forums like phpBB, or vBulletin into a webpage means recreating your website's design around your new forum, or messy workarounds like iframes that can interfere with the functionality of your forum. sparkBB is a fully embeddable free forum hosting system utilizing Adobe Flex technology, enabling you to embed your forum into any page that accepts HTML. Simply copy and paste the code provided to any webpage and your integration is complete.

Our "99.9% Uptime 50x" Guarantee.

Every second your forum is down you're losing productivity, revenue, and the confidence of your members. Period. Our pledge a credit for fifty times (50x) any downtime experienced over our 99.9% uptime pledge on all premium services. For example: a failure lasting 10 hours would result in a credit of 500 hours of free premium service; a failure lasting a full day would result in a 1,200 hour, or 50 day, credit.

About sparkBB.

sparkBB is a proprietary, remotely hosted, free forum hosting solution targeted to those in need of dependable reliability of service and performance.