Unique software lets us do unique things.

  • Embed your forum anywhere
  • Experience speeds never before possible
  • 99% of automated spam is prevented
  • Join multiple forums with only one account

Features List

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99% of automated spam blocked.

Our unique system prevents automated forum spam bots from attacking your forum without the need of hard to read images (CAPTCHAs) or "Are you human?" questions. Additionally, our system detects users that spam manually (human copy/paste) and prevents them from posting or joining forums until they are reviewed by our team.

Our "99.9% Uptime 50x" Guarantee.

Every second your forum is down you're losing productivity, revenue, and the confidence of your members. Period. Our pledge a credit for fifty times (50x) any downtime experienced over our 99.9% uptime pledge on all premium services. For example: a failure lasting 10 hours would result in a credit of 500 hours of free premium service; a failure lasting a full day would result in a 1,200 hour, or 50 day, credit.

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