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Broadening your forum line through synergies

Often people are unsure about how broad a spectrum their forum should cover. Of course this all depends on the subject matter of your forum, but for the majority of forums, your forum line can be quite diverse. One way to broaden your forum line is through synergies - the co-working of two or more parts to produce an effect greater than the sum of the individual parts. In the case of forums, synergies are topics that would normally be a topic of their own but because of the nature of your forum, are relevant.


Computer programming forum – add a section on computer hardware/troubleshooting for centralized computer advise.

Craft forums – add a section on coupons and deals to spark thrifty conversations.

Conservation forums – add a section for pictures of wildlife to spread the word.

School forums – add a section on child-oriented political news to get youths involved.

By using forum synergies you are taking a previously active user base and giving them a related section they will already have an interest in. The benefit of using synergies over choosing vaguely related topics is maintaining the appearance of activity. Once you add a new posting area to an established forum it is already looking inactive compared to your other topics, as it was just created. By choosing relevant – synergy – topics you are maintaining that activity and expanding your forum, not stretching it.

By maximizing your synergy opportunities you are diversifying your forum’s offerings while still maintaining your niche.

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